28 April 2011

i'm moving

i'm moving to tumblr - will gradually be fading this site off to the digital graveyard. check out my two new blogs now live on tumblr:

fatnap.tumblr.com (fun with sleeping people and pets) and blurgs.tumblr.com (life askew)

see you in cyberland!

02 November 2010

According to Legend...: Breaking News!!; MOvember

According to Legend...: Breaking News!!; MOvember: "Yesterday, November 1st 2010, marked the first day of 'MOvember'- a month of celebration of the most masculine of all grooming traits; the..."

28 October 2010

say something photo :: e train fat nap

fat nap on the e train
it's been a while - it's fat nap time. gotta love the ones who take up half the seat and fall over on the person next to them as they fat nap away! way to go you e train rider - hope you made it to your stop without sleeping through it!

21 September 2010

dear catholics

dear catholics, christians, and any other religion who may be listening,

we the gays promise to not get "married" in your houses of worship if you promise to practice what you preach - love and compassion. in turn - we the gays will find alternative ways to celebrate our love for our partners and share that love with our family and friends -however - if your congregation welcomes the idea - we'll definitely keep you in mind while we plan our events. as for the rest - thank you - but your services will not be necessary.

equal rights is not a privilege to be passed down by the church - so - if you could promise to stay out of politics and government - that would be great. after all - these laws and practices were put in place to protect all the people of america - not just the god fearing ones. stop trying to deny us our rights and we will forever be grateful.

help us and we promise we will continue to be the outstanding tax paying citizens we always have been. we will also help you by continuing to preach love and compassion just as god would want us to.

thank you and may god bless you,

the gays

15 August 2010

say something :: pink twink

i don't know about you but i always wear my pink eye shadow to the gay bar on sunday funday.

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