24 August 2006

one word...

...wow! martha always seems to take my breath away. tonight was no exception. i have to say - if i weren't a gay man and i could give birth to babies - she'd be the person i'd want to have babies with! i met up with martha after the show - she signed my cd - in true jonathan fashion - i was a dork - thanked her for her music and called it a day. it's always those awkward situations when faced with celebrities that i feel like i'm 5 years old and facing my teacher with an assignment to be graded. my good friend ames captured the event on digital film. (pictured here)

as far as the rest of the night - joanna newsome - um - bjork with a harp - but not in a good bjork way. neko case - i could be a fan - if it weren't for her drunk former schoolmate beside me giving me a blow-by-blow - ok ok - so it was her birthday - and yeah - we all drink a little on our birthdays - but damn lady - i paid to hear neko sing - not the random nobody that used to know her.

beer - kielbasa - and ice cream sandwiches capped out the night. the rain came - but only for martha - which is kinda cool as ames pointed out - 'she's the stormy one' - but the clouds gave way to a pretty amazing night.

martha wainwright: when the day is short: video by ames

martha wainwright: bloody mother fucking asshole: video by ames


tixgirl said...

Martha was amazing! Stormy day for a stormy lady. What could be more fitting?! And so gracious in autographing your CD. She's a goddess.

jonathan said...

i can't deny that - goddess in every aspect - ugh - so happy to have met her.